February 1 (23.05miles/1:24:00)

•  14.6 mph avg• MaCarther Blvd down to Potomac Md


Today I had a gluttonous serving of humble pie. I knew I was in trouble the moment a couple of blue haired geezers wizzed by me like I was on a big wheel. I experienced more of the same throughout the ride. The highlight however came while I was doing about 35mph down a steep winding hill. I was faced with the lovely choice of woods, car, or pothole. I opted for the latter and of course is popped my rear tire. Thankfully I had a spare and what I needed to get the wheels rolling again.  The break actually was a blessing for me as I refound my form and averaged about 17-18mph for the remaining 8 miles.  Rides like these are good for me though...let me know how much work lies ahead for me.  I'll be ready for those blue hairs next time!