February 22 (30 miles in Winter Conditions)

• 14.5 mph Did something I'll never do again today. That's ride in the snow and cold rain. 30 miserable miles. Started off feeling pretty good with the group. But...it turned out that I was riding with the A group today. Their pace was just too much for me. I riding right with them for a while, even doing my part pulling from time to time. But at about mile 15 I started to fade. By the time I got to mile 16 I was on my own. So..rather than head back I decided to tackle the hill that usually crushes my spirit.

On a side note, dropped the bike off for it's first ever cleaning and maintanence. Found out that I'm running a 'racing' setup on my cranks and cassette. So..if my legs can ever get stronger I could be a pretty fast rider.