June 11 (A big serving of humble pie)

Today marked the debut of the GHP. The bike is amazing, it truly is...problem is, I'm not. I'm not nearly close to being respectable yet. But, knowing how infuriatingly competitive I am, I'm sure that will change. As for the races... Let's just say I had no chance. I was racing the #1, 2, and 6 35-40 in the northeast in my class. Me, I was in my 2nd race. I'm having real regrets about racing novice instead of rookie because I know I could have competed for the win in the rookie class. Instead, I finished 4th out of 4 with a mouthful of dust.

So after the woodbridge race was over I found myself hungry for more. I was starting to feel more confident on the new bike and was hoping to redeem myself. To make a long story short l drove 1.5hr by myself to race under the lights of Winchester bmx only to be turned away by a sharp and sudden downpour.

Bit, there is no denying, I love racing and can't wait for the next event