Epidural injection Round 2

So...I got my round of lumbar epidural injections yesterday. Much easier when they put you to sleep. My previous round of injections I took without a sedative. Nothing like a couple of needles in the spine to brighten your afternoon. I'm going to have to put the racing on hiatus for a little while now. My orthopeadic surgeon was pretty riled up when I told him that I had been racing less than a week after my previous injection. REally sucks though, because nothing worse than sitting around when you feel fit enough to ride. The way I figure it, I've had these 2 herniated discs now for over a decade. I wouldn't know what it was like to not be in constant pain...so why change things.

I really hope I get the clearance to ride again because I'd like to make it up to Trumbull CT for the Constitution Classic. I used to live in that area so I definitely have some friends there, but more importantly, my brother Josh would be able to drive down from Providence and race the event with me.