FREEMAN at last!

This is without a doubt my new bike crush.  Everything about this company makes me happy. The name transports me back to my very first ride as a kid, alone and unsupervised, and that moment when I realized that the bike – meant freedom. Their bikes, their blog, the whole look and feel is just spot on. Oh, and it only makes sense that their kick ass identity was done by Benny Gold. FREEMAN TRANSPORT is a Montana-based company hand-building bikes in the USA. Using Columbus steel tubing and S-and-S couplings the bikes can be easily disassembled and packed into their signature waxed canvas and leather carrying case – a collaboration with NY-based Billykirk. The case’s 26 X 26 inch dimensions ensure that the bike can be checked onto airplanes with no oversized baggage fee. This unique feature on all Freeman bikes allows for easy assembly/disassembly – with only one simple tool to put them back together – making it easy to ride to and from the airport.

The company was founded in 2006 by the artist and designer team of Nathaniel Freeman and Benjamin Ferencz, both of whom travel frequently and were frustrated by the expense of shipping their bikes and the lack of quality options in the travel-bike industry.  Refusing to go bikeless, Freeman and Ferencz decided to design it themselves.

Our fixed-gear/track model (with or without brakes), is available now, with Commuter, Cyclo-cross and Road bikes planned for 2009.

In addition to bikes, Freeman also makes products for the traveler – hats, clothing, leather goods and bike accessories. Committed to USA manufacturing and sustainable materials, Freeman Transport strives to reduce the impact their lifestyles have on the world.