Austin - Day 2

Woke up to rain today. Lots of it. I knew I needed to ride though, so I ventured out regardless. First stop was Mellow Johnny's bike shop. This place couldn't be any cooler. Tons of great gear, tons of great bikes. As expected, it's a bit of a shrine to Lance - complete with his framed Yellow Jerseys on the wall. In the basement is a state of the art training facility and a museum to more incredible and often historic bikes. With my first visit to MJ's complete, I took off the Dean. An hour later I arrived back at my hotel utterly soaked. Picked up Adam at the hotel and we went back to MJ's so he could see. Some BBQ at Stubbs and a lot of browsing at the funky thrift shops in SoCo and the afternoon had come and gone.

After a nap and about an hour of stretching (my back has been torturing me) I walked back to MJ's for a 3rd time today. I felt a bit like a stalker but I was there for registration. Inside the very swag-light goodie bag was my number plate. #589.

Dinner was at a place called Cuba Libre and the beers were at the Tap Room of the Six Lounge. The pints were cheap ($2) and flowing. Perhaps flowing a bit too well. It'll be an exciting beer-free Saturday when I head to the course to do some pre-riding.