As much as I love my Awol, I also am aware of it's limitations. It has dual Axiom panniers and a Yepp Maxi infant seat on the back. Needless to say, it is not light.  As I set my sights on a few Gran Fondos and possibly a short Triathalon or two this seasons, coupled with my new found discovery of my ill fitting SL01...I have embarked on a search for a new bicycle. 

My criteria is simple.

  1. Comfort is king. I will gladly sacrifice comfort over a few ounces. I have found that when I'm more comfortable I'll ride longer and harder. So, a more upright position is desirable. 
  2. Can't be built for a princess. I weigh in around 215lbs these days and I have an innate skill of hitting every pothole or bump in the road. I'll need a frame that can handle well as not get all squirrely if I decide to veer onto a patch of gravel and kick up a bit of dust. 
  3. Can't cost me a gazillion dollars.  I'm not going to win any events that I enter, so I needn't purchase a bike built for those that aspire to win.  That being said, I don't want to ride a jalopy. 

After doing a bit of searching an eliminating a few manufacturers solely on personal preferences I've narrowed my list down to three bikes.  The Specialized Roubaix Comp Disc, The BMC Gran Fondo, (GF01 and GF02) the Eddie Merckx Mourenx69.  I hope to ride each of these within the next couple of weeks and make my decision. As well as buy a comparable bike for my wife. 

If there are any readers/dealers out there who'd like to share the pros/cons of these bikes, I'd love to hear from you.