My First Bike Fitting

Yesterday I pedaled on out to Peabody to check out one of the most heralded Bicycle shops in the US. Fitwerx is a bike shop whose foundation is built upon their professional bike fittings.  I walked in there with my eyes on the Mourenx 69.  After a brief discussion with the tech and shop owner it was clear that this shop wasn't your typical shop.  They had no interest in selling me a bicycle until I had been properly fitted for one. So...I decided to get one of their basic fittings.

What the bike fitting system looks like. 

The fitting itself cost $150 and that amount rolls into the purchase of a bicycle purchase (if you decide to get one from them).  During the fitting we took measurements, talked about my riding preferences, future goals for the new bike, and a few other questions that helped them determine what 'stance' would suit me best.  Once on the bike, we went through a range of small adjustments and I watched myself on the monitor as Geoff the technician started mapping angles and distances.  In the end he had his numbers.

The next step was to sit back and watch him match my numbers against various frame geometry. In the end....the Mourenx 69 was not the right fit for me.