The new bike is in and here she is.

I got a call yesterday from the guys over at Fitwerx that my Domane had arrived and been assembled.  All in all, it took less than a week from fitting to arrival. Not too shabby. 

When I got home, I took my new ride out for a spin. From a comfort level, it wasn't a dramatic change from my AWOL....which is what I was hoping for.  From a weight perspective the changes were enormous.  As a benchmark I took the bike out and through my usual route. Getting out there was great fun. The Domane is very responsive and a breeze to climb in.  I wound up setting 13 new PR's in Strava. 

Riding home was a different story. Living along the New England coast is beautiful and it makes for some breathtaking rides.  But, what it also means is that you are at the mercy of the wind. Some days it's calm and some days it howls like you wouldn't believe.  Last night was one such occassion.  Coming home I found myself riding into a wall of wind. The wind was pushing me left and pushing me right...but for the most part it was simply pushing me back.  I think I was averaging less than 10mph on the ride home and I'm pretty sure I dipped as low at 6mph at some moments.  

Nonetheless. I'm thrilled with the new bike.  Except for one part...the saddle.  I left the original seat on the bike and it was pretty much numb city throughout the ride.  

Tomorrow starts my search for a new saddle. Until then, enjoy this look at my new Domane.