Strada Handbuilt Wheels Brand Design

Back in May of 2010, I was contacted by the owner of an UK based burgeoning cycling company—STRADA. Armed with only a name, and a belief that high end hand built wheels should be affordable, he went in search of branding help. 

Thankfully, for the both of us, he came across my cycling blog and soon discovered that I was more than just a bicycle fanatic. We discussed his vision for STRADA, as well as his cycling influences. When it became clear to me that we both shared a love for the classic cycling branding of years gone by…I knew it was a project I needed to work on.  And the brand STRADA was born. 



Undoubtedly in an effort to freshen up their website, which they had outgrown, they made a sad misstep and altered the logo I had designed.  New logo below. Bogus