Domane 4.5 Disc Brake Rub

As I mentioned previously, my lone grievance with my new Domane is that the rear wheel doesn't spin all that well.  When I put the bike on a rack and give the pedals a turn the wheels spin woefully bad.  

I took the bike back to the guys over at Fitwerx last weekend and had them mount my new Enve 3.4 / DT Swiss 240 wheelset.  I did point out that the rear wheel wasn't spinning all that well.  After a bit of time in the shop, the guys over there said that the wheelwas fixed...but I just wasn't convinced.  

When I took the bike home, I tested its spin against the 4 other bikes in my house and by far the Domane performed the worst. Despite costing almost three times what the others bikes cost. 

So...I did a bit more research and found a fellow blogger/rider from Hong Kong who also has the Domane 4.5 Disc with Enve wheels.  I reached out to him this morning and was thrilled with his response. 

I also have a Domane 4.5 with Enve 3.4 wheels. The only difference with our wheels is that I have them laced to DT Swiss 240’s.

Question for you though. Right from the outset (stock wheelset) I have been frustrated with how poorly the rear wheel spins. I have other bikes with disc wheelsets and when I put all of them on the rack and do a quick test of how long the rear wheel will spin…….the Domane is woeful.

I was wondering if you have come across any of that? I have a bit of brake rub in the rear and intend to have that looked at.

If your rear wheel is spinning beautifully, I’d love to see a short video clip of it spinning so that I could share it with my local bike store.

I wasn't sure if he'd even respond let alone have the time to record his wheel. But low and behold he did.

Behold...what my rear wheel should spin like. 



The hubs are White Industries CLD, with Sapim CX Ray spokes. It's built by ProWheelBuilder. It has 1300 km and I believe the hubs are broken in. More about the wheelset here